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Admission of guilt?

The axe has fallen on Peter Kenyon. Unlike what is being made out by Chelsea he has not resigned – he has been sacked.

If he were to be resigning then he would not make comments such as ‘I have one more challenge in me’. Kenyons sacking indicates conclusively that he was at fault for the Kakuta incited (where Chelsea can not buy players for the next two transfer windows) and that, whilst they will appeal, it is unlikely to be successful.

He is one of footballs characters and I will miss him. Always reliable to put his foot in it, or be caught having dinner with people he shouldn’t be having dinner with.

But who to replace him? Will Chelsea, like Man City and Liverpool, look outside the sporting world or will Abramovich’s friend Arnsen be promoted again. Or, will Ancelotti have a say and give Chelsea a moreĀ Italian structure. Maybe an ex-player (think Leonardo) will take the role? Guillit? Desailly?

If I were a betting man then it might be an ex-Chelsea player who has had dealings with Ancelotti in the past.


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